Benkirane considers stepping down as PJD president

Former Prime Minister Benkirane is considering resigning as leader of the Justice and Development Party (PJD). According to media reports, this decision would be motivated by health problems as well as internal divisions within the party. The source adds that the PJD is already looking for a successor to Benkirane, and this issue is due to be discussed at the party’s national council in January 2024. Three names are currently being mooted as possible replacements: Driss El Azami El Idrissi, former Budget Minister, Mustapha El Khalfi, former Minister of Communication, and Abdallah Bouanou, President of the PJD faction in Parliament.

Benkirane is no stranger to resignation announcements. Back in December 2022, rumors were already circulating about a possible resignation due to his embarrassment in the face of mounting criticism. At the time, some of his supporters were boycotting meetings of the PJD General Secretariat, no longer able to tolerate Benkirane’s attacks on former party leaders. The situation became so tense that the party’s Secretary General himself threatened to resign.

In the past, in March 2021, the former head of government had already threatened to leave the party for good if PJD MPs voted in favor of the cannabis bill. Benkirane wanted to end his membership of the PJD if the party’s MPs supported the bill in question.

This latest resignation threat risks dragging the PJD into further organizational turbulence, putting the party into further difficulties.

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