The case of a woman’s charred body finally solved

The case of the charred corpse of a woman found in El Jadida was finally cleared up last Thursday. The murderer, a charlatan, was taken to the scene of the crime.

It’s Thursday, December 21. The watch hands point to 7am. Darkness still covers the sky in this early winter. Twenty or so Royal Gendarmerie patrols surround the van carrying the charlatan responsible for the barbaric murder of a forty-seven-year-old woman found burnt to a crisp on Friday December 15th in the douar Nouassera, not far from the freeway linking the capital of the Doukkala region to Casablanca, arriving at the douar El Ghadbane in the rural commune of Moulay Abdellah, in the province of El Jadida.

Some sixty members of the El Jadida Royal Regional Gendarmerie descended to secure the scene, and more specifically the alleyway where the forty-six-year-old perpetrator’s home was located. Escorted by the bloodhounds, the forty-six-year-old, wearing a black leather jacket, blue-jeans and espadrilles, stalked towards the scene of the crime. Inside this two-bedroom, one-kitchen house, the reconstruction of this horrific crime begins.

Not knowing him well since he only rented this house six months ago, his neighbors describe him as a trouble-free person. This charlatan takes in several female clients whom he finds on TikTok. That’s how he met Rhimou, who lives in Casablanca. From a simple customer, she became his mistress. She often visits him to spend drunken nights together. After six months of a trouble-free relationship, she reveals to him how much she likes his brother-in-law, and jealousy begins to gnaw at his heart, especially as he begins to love her madly. And he can’t imagine her being in the arms of someone else. Since then, he’s begun to doubt her fidelity.

On the night of Friday December 15, around 1 a.m., when she was about to fall into a deep sleep, the charlatan asked her why she was cheating on him. She replied that she was still faithful to him. He then reminds her of what she said about her brother-in-law. Disturbed, she remains silent, which infuriates him. He stands up while she’s still lying in bed. He kicks her several times in the chest. On the fourth blow, he notices that she’s not moving. He tries to wake her up. But to no avail. She’s nothing but a lifeless corpse. What should he do? He thinks for about thirty minutes before deciding to get rid of the corpse.

The charlatan wraps the corpse in a sheet, puts it in a cardboard box and places it in the boot of his car, a Citroën C15. He took with him two bottles filled with ten liters of petrol, then took the road unguarded by security roadblocks. He arrived at a place not far from the El Mnassera douar.
At around 3 a.m., he opened the trunk of the car. He then carried the corpse, placed it on the ground, doused it with petrol and set it alight with a lighter. Afterwards, he turns back to go home, believing that he has buried his crime for good…

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