Kidnapping case solved in Marrakech

We’re in the Merchiche neighborhood in the Gueliz district of Marrakech.

No sooner had this young girl strayed a few yards from her home to run errands than a thug in his forties cut her off. What did he want with her? She had no idea. That’s why she backed away, trying to avoid him. But at gunpoint, he forced her to accompany him without making a sound. She begged him to let her return home. But he pretended not to hear.

Once the girl’s mother heard the bad news, she went to the 6th arrondissement police station in Sidi Youssef. In fact, the mother knew her daughter’s kidnapper. She told the investigators that he lived in the Sidi Youssef district. Taking the case in hand, the elements of the anti-gang brigade of the Sûreté prefecture of the Ochre city carried out the necessary investigations. They eventually learned that he was holding the young girl hostage in an apartment on boulevard Allal Al Fassi. After a police raid, the girl was freed and the kidnapper arrested. On Monday March 4, the kidnapper was brought before the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Marrakech Court of Appeal.

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