He tries to kill his cousin who abused him as a child

He was in his fifth spring when he was sexually abused by his cousin, who was still a teenager. The child is now in his twenties. But sixteen years later, as the past always comes back, he decides to take revenge on his abuser.

Over twenty-one years old, he has never forgotten what happened to him sixteen years ago, he tells the Court of the Criminal Division of the Casablanca Court of Appeal. “I’ve tried to forget, but to no avail, Mr. President. Every time I see him at home, the bad memories come back,” he says, to the point where he sometimes can’t sleep at night. 
Sixteen years ago, he, his cousin and their families were staying with his grandmother. He was playing with other children when his cousin, now thirty-seven, asked him to go with him to buy a yoghurt. “
I remember the whole story as if it had just happened,” he tells the court.
But instead of going out, the cousin took him to the terrace. In a corner, he took off his pants and shirt and sexually abused him. “
He hurt me that day. I still feel pain today,” he stammers. 
He threatened to kill him if he told anyone. Panic-stricken, he abused him twice more. Now an adult, the image of his rape never left his mind, day or night. He finally decided to take revenge by liquidating his abuser. “
I had to stop seeing him so that I could finally live and sleep peacefully”, he declares, adding that he has since armed himself with a knife. 
The calm, trouble-free young man, an employee by trade, began stalking his prey, his cousin. To carry out the deed, he visited his aunt. As soon as his cousin entered, he pounced on him, stabbing him twice before fleeing. At home, he was arrested and his cousin was rescued after being taken to the hospital emergency ward. His health restored, his cousin was obviously summoned by the court, who asked him if he had indeed abused the defendant as a child, which was why he had tried to kill him. But the cousin denied everything, saying he didn’t know why he had invented the whole story to justify his criminal act.

Verdict: Found guilty of attempted homicide, he was sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment.

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