Two officials beat up a mayor to prevent him from demolishing an unauthorized building

Two officials, an Urban Sheikh and a Moqadem, working in the Caïdat of Lqliâa in the Inzegane-Aït Melloul prefecture, were arrested on Monday March 25 for assaulting the Caïd of the Oued Essafa Caïdat in the same prefecture and another official. 

Intervening to demolish an anarchic building belonging to this urban Sheikh practicing in Aït Ouagmar, the Caïd and the authority agent were violently attacked by the owner, namely the Sheikh, his wife and her brother, a Moqadem by trade, trying to prevent the public authorities from undertaking the demolition operation. The two brothers and the wife injured the Caïd and the agent. They were arrested by the Biougra Royal Gendarmerie and held in custody before being brought to justice.

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