The Adorable Sanaa Kadmiri

Sanaa Kadmiri professional career began early when she participated in a children’s TV show on the Moroccan channel 2M. She remains firm in the media world spending a whole 30 years of her life doing what she loves most. Despite the ups and downs, Kadmiri anchored different children programs for 12 years. Most notably was the “salut les petits loups” (Hello little wolves) program, which will last in the memory of many Moroccan generations.

Kadmiri considers 2M channel her first home and school; there she learnt many important lessons in TV appearances and anchoring. She was trained by senior media professors who realized in her a perfect personality and ability required for media shows.

A calm and flexible animator with a charming smile loved by and every of her colleague and the Moroccan audience. She has a strict and disciplined filming policy trying as much as possible to avoid mistakes due to her love for perfection and commitment to work ethics.

She was behind the scene on 2M channel for many years preparing and editing TV programs like the “Generations” TV program which was shown for years on 2M channel. It is a youth based program presented by the Moroccan Artist Samid Ghilan that allows both the upcoming artists, rap, pop and hip-hop stars to meet their audience and interact with them physically.

After several years of disappearing, Sanaa Kadmiri decided to return to the limelight through her Live Studio program hosting different Moroccan modern music stars. She has a musical talent that many people do not know. She is the daughter of the legendary musician and composer Hassan Kadmiri, who has produced many masterpieces that influenced the national art scene.

She grew up into a well settled family of Artistic music of famous Morocco and Arab world artists. She witnessed a period of famous beautiful songs such as: the song “Bard wa skhun” by the late Mohammed Hayani, “Mataqshi bia” by the Moroccan legend Abdelhadi Belkhayat and many other works of art.

The famous Egyptian genius composer Baligh Hamdi has once listened to Sanaa and suggested that he writes her a song. He also advised her to pursue a musical career in Egypt, but she preferred to make her way to the world of media and TV shows that she admires.

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