Hatim Ammor Featured in an Opening Song of a Ramadan Series

The Moroccan star Hatim Ammor will meet his fans during the month of Ramadan on 2M, where the humorous series “La Coopérative” will be presented, of which he made the opening song.

Known for his modern songs, Ammor has performed a popular song entitled “Assaken” which he has renewed the distribution under the supervision of Mohamed El Sharabi, and which serves as the opening song for this series.

This is Ammor’s second experience in participating in the opening song of an audiovisual work, especially after the success achieved last year with the series ” the past does not die “, which was presented on the first channel and had a high audience rate, like the success of his song “Ila Rah El Ghali”.

Many Moroccan stars, including Mohamed El-Khayari, Souad Hassan, Aziz Hattab, Jamila El-Houni, Zahira Siddiq and Fadwa El-Talib, are participating in the series “La Coopérative”, which is produced by “Disconnected”. The series will be broadcast daily on 2M during Ramadan, after the break of the fast.

It should be noted that Hatim Ammor released a few days ago a song, in the form of a duet with the artist Asmaa Lamnwar, entitled “Hayna”.

Right after its publication on YouTube, this song was seen by millions of people.

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