Hassan El Fad: The Great “Kabbour”

Moroccans will forever remember the great “kabour” for his comic characters and timeless jokes. He remains one of the kingdom’s biggest and most popular comedians.

Hassan El-Fad was an ordinary worker from the city of Casablanca precisely in the region of “Ain Sbae”. He dramatically made a name for himself in the Moroccan artistic scene to become a unique comedian after so many years of struggle.

He made Moroccans laugh hard every night after breaking the fast during the holy month of Ramadan. He was frequent on Al-Oula TV channel and other channels where every Moroccan surely remembers his TV shows and Sitcoms including “The Chanily TV”, “CBC Channel”, “Canal 36”, “Fad TV”, and recently “L’couple” and “Kabour and Lhbib”.

Hassan is a multi-talented artist, in addition to his roles in cinema and theater he plays saxophone and other musical instruments. His cultural experiences helped him to characterize comic personalities perfectly in a way that addresses the struggles of the Moroccan citizens. This bold act of sincerity made him loved by all Moroccans.

Nobody will ever question his ability, creativity and talent despite his criticisms of investing for so long for the success of Kabour’s character. He lost his spark after he separated from the Artist Donia Botazot whom he acted alongside in the “L’couple”.

He successfully made a lot of money from advertisement and became an important asset after the success of his works. His wealth was subject to debate on several media platforms especially after his decision to leave Morocco and go to Canada where he lives today with his family.

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