Khaled : I dearm of a United Maghreb

The Moroccan and international Showbiz renowned star, Simo Benbachir, hosted the King of Rai Music, Cheb Khaled, in the 11th episode of ‘Nayda F’Hollywood’

 Cheb Khaled happened to be in Los Angeles to perform in a big concert that was attended by big numbers of the Maghreb communities residing in L.A., and which is considered to be his second show ever in the city, after “Khalid and his Friends” tour in 2005.

Khaled took the opportunity to express his happiness for meeting with Arab communities, especially when he saw that they are still preserving the same traditions and routines of Ramadan, besides, their hospitality and generosity, of course.

Khaled also talked about his new album that he started working on recently. He says that he indeed recorded a number of songs for this new album in both France and the Neitherlands, before he reached the U.S. where he’s going to record the rest. The album is going to feature many artists like: Massari, Soulking and French Montana.

Khaled added that he has always been open to different musical genres; he, on many occasions, paired Rai music with Rap, Rock, R&B, Latino, and other Middle Eastern and Andalusian rhythms.

Khaled said about his experience working with the abovementioned artists, who will feature his new album, that what brought them together was the harmony at the level of ideas, honesty, humility and principles.

The King of Rai expressed his willingness to work with artists like Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones and Santana because they are great musicians who I respect a lot.

Khaled aspires to see a united Maghreb, whose citizens can move easily from one country to another.

About his advice the new generation of artists, he stressed the importance of patience and hard work. He also said that those who are not good at singing should find themselves another profession. “I didn’t study music. My art and voice were given to me from Allah. I don’t know a lot about the basics of music, yet, I can play on all instruments. I have suffered a lot to get where I am today, and I was lost in my country.” Khaled told Simo.

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