Gims – Maluma Music Video

The music video for Maluma – Maitre Gims new hit was shot over two days. The two famous singers and their staff headed to Marrakech where everything was prepared and facilitated for them to film such an international music video.

The song, Hola Señorita, is one of the many hits in Maitre Gims’ newest album that was released last April.

All the scenes of the music video were filmed in Marrakech. Maitre Gims wanted, through the video clip, to reflect the festivity and charm of the Red City, which has become the go-to place for famous stars and celebrities.

Maluma, who is featuring Gims in this clip, mentioned in an interview that he fell in love with the City of Marrakech.

It is worth mentioning that Maluma is a very famous singer in many countries around the world like the U.S., Latin America and all Spanish-speaking countries.

The music video was, indeed, a huge success.

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