Video. The Moroccan Flag in Khaled’s Latest Video Irritates some Algerians

In the trailer of the clip, entitled “She’s called Beirut”, terrible images of the Lebanese city destroyed by the two explosions on 4 August are shown, along with footage filmed in Cheb Khaled’s recording studio.

Behind the singer are three flags: the Lebanese flag, surrounded by the Algerian flag and the Moroccan flag. This was all it took to trigger the rage of Algerian Internet users. As reported by the Observalgérie media, they were quick to call Cheb Khaled a “traitor,” not understanding why an Algerian singer would wave a Moroccan flag in a video clip for Lebanon.

Khaled, who is not in his first controversy in Algeria since he was granted Moroccan citizenship in 2013, did not remain frozen in the face of these attacks. According to the Algerian media, the king of the Raï reacted on his official Instagram account, saying: “They make us ashamed. We must all be united in this world that is going through a very bad time right now”. They are focusing on belonging to a country they dishonor”.

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