RedOne: “I’m Currently Working with ‘El Diablo’ and I’m Going to Bring Him to Universality”

In the 11th episode of his series “Nayda f’Hollywood”, Simo Benbachir hosted the famous international producer Nadir Khayat, also known as RedOne, who is a native of the city of Tetouan and is the only Moroccan to have won the Grammy Awards on several occasions.

In his interview with Simo, RedOne said he is preparing a new album that will surprise his audience. This is a very exciting project, with the artist Jencarlos Canela, known in the Arab world and in Morocco under the nickname “El Diablo”, in reference to the famous Mexican series which he starred.

“El Diablo is a great actor who is very famous in Latin America. His works have a high audience rate, and he has about 13 million followers on social networks. And I’m one of his fans. I intend to bring him to universality with this new album,and not only Latin America,” said RedOne.

RedOne also mentioned his current artistic rank. He shared with Simo his pride in having, as a Moroccan, been able to access such a prestigious situation, after years of struggle, hard work and perseverance, allowing him to create works that will be remembered throughout the world, and not only in Morocco or Egypt, etc. He has produced and arranged songs that have succeeded on a global level, thus making him happy for what he has been able to achieve for himself and for his country.

Responding to Simo who asked him about his opinion about artists who call themselves universal, RedOne said that, “Everyone sees universality as they see fit. Every artist is free to consider themselves universal, but it is their works that, in the end, have the last word.”

And with regard to the criticism he has received for not working with Moroccan artists, RedOne said, “They say I am arrogant because I don’t help young artists in my country. And when I did, they said I was losing ground. But I don’t pay any attention to what’s being said about me. I do what I am convinced of and work with a pure heart and good intention. I can even say that I lost a lot of money just to help some of my compatriots. But I did it with joy and pride. »

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