The Women’s Museum

The Women’s Museum opened its doors in September 2018. It is the first of its kind not only in Morocco, but throughout North Africa.

Located in the heart of the medina of Marrakech, in the historic district of Sidi Abdelaziz, the Women’s Museum hosts numerous thematic exhibitions that highlight the creative spirit of Moroccan women and their cultural contributions around the world. Visitors can discover the historical, social and political impact of women’s art in the Moroccan landscape through a series of traveling exhibitions.

Contemporary painters, activists, filmmakers, poets, traditional craftswomen, textile weavers and fashion designers, the museum highlights a wide range of artistic achievements. The Women’s Museum does not only focus on the exhibition of high-level contemporary art, but also uses the space to highlight women’s invaluable contributions in the domestic field.

The museum’s first exhibition, for example, was devoted to the daily lives and works of art of rural women, focusing on the tropes of family, community and village life.

In June 2019, the exhibition entitled “Pioneer Women” was designed to highlight three women whose contributions to contemporary Morocco are very important. They are Malika Al-Fassi, politician and education advocate, Izza Genini, documentary filmmaker and Rachida Touijri, artist. This exhibition continues until September 2019.

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