Amrabat, a fierce defender of the national jersey

Moroccans, young and old, love him because they cannot forget what he did for the national jersey and for the Moroccan flag in many sporting events although he could not achieve the desired results.

This is Noureddine Amrabat, the national team player who has always kept in his heart the love for his country, even though his birth took place in the Netherlands and grew and evolved in his clubs.

Noureddine, who suffered a serious blow to the head in the World Cup qualifying matches in Russia, insisted on continuing to play with perseverance and fighting spirit despite all the warnings from the medical staff. In his will, which was circulated through the media at the time, affected the public in a special way: “If I die, take care of my children, my wife and my mother. That’s all I have in the world.

A native of Nador, Amrabat played at the age of 13 with the famous Ajax Amsterdam club before being abandoned due to a disease that prevents his muscles from developing properly. But that didn’t stop him from persevering and continuing to play with the fans until he was able to gain the confidence of the “SV Hausen” coach, who believed in his abilities and talent as a footballer and integrated him into an adult club.

The Moroccans did not know Amrabat, who had already played for several well-known clubs, including PSV Eindhoven, Watford and VC Utrecht, until he appeared with the national team led by Hervé Renard, a team that has been widely criticized for including players who were not born in Morocco and therefore do not have the same passion and love for the national shirt. A theory that Amrabat revealed to be false, after the magnificent performance he made in all his appearances with his country’s team, before joining the Saudi club “Annasr” with which he achieved great success.

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