The chef Toumadi: the Moroccan touch is present in my recipes

Chief Ouahid Toumadi, a native of Mohammedia who emigrated to the United States from Italy, was the guest on the Nayda in Hollywood show, prepared and presented by the journalist Simo Benbachir.

Chef Toumadi, who in just a few years managed to become one of the best chefs in Los Angeles, shared with Simo his passion for cooking from an early age, as well as his beginnings as an amateur until he became a professional. “I liked to prepare bowls and tagines during my excursions with family and friends. Everyone enjoyed my food. And when I moved to Italy, I studied cooking and worked in many restaurants before deciding to emigrate to the United States. That was in 1996. It had coincided with Valentine’s Day. I remember it very well. »

The reason that led him to specialize in Italian cuisine and not Moroccan, Chef Toumadi said: “Since I master Moroccan cuisine, I wanted to learn something new. I opted for the Italian cuisine because it is known and in demand around the world.

Toumadi added that the Moroccan touch is strongly present in the dishes he prepares and where he uses the different spices and condiments of Moroccan origin. “It’s the secret of my profession,” he said with a laugh.

In addition to the restaurant he runs in California, Chef Toumadi visits private individuals to cook in various ceremonies. As he stated during his meeting with Simo, his clients are mostly actors, producers, journalists and celebrities, and to continue “my name has been mentioned in many articles published in various specialized press organs, just as I have participated in many cooking competitions and I have won them”.

Chef Toumadi also presents a live broadcast on skype, entitled “Mangi with chef Toumadi”. He teaches his audience how to prepare simple and easy dishes.

A theatre lover since his early childhood, Chef Toumadi also had some experiences there. “I played small roles, but it was a great experience,” he told Simo.

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