Rebecca Rolfe: Talent Alone Is not Enough

In the new episode of Nayda in Hollywood, journalist Simo Benbachir welcomed the Moroccan Rebecca Rolfe, originally from Tafraout, who has moved to Los Angeles to pursue her American dream of becoming a professional choreographer.

Rebecca Rolfe, who has worked with many stars, began her career in the world of dance in Nice. She shared her dance videos on social networks. She learned a lot from YouTube, and particularly Matt Stepania and Dana Alexa, who are famous in Los Angeles, and then she met them in Paris, where they were giving a dance training course in which she participated. That’s how she got to know them. They asked her to collaborate with them for the workshop in Nice, thus offering her her first dance experience, as she pointed out in her interview with Simo.

After completing her studies in business law, she had a job opportunity in one of the French embassies abroad, but her passion for dance was too great for her to turn away from it and devote herself to work. She preferred to follow the advice of her mother who told her “you have to make choices in life”. So she chose to dance and she hasn’t regretted it.

Rebecca Rolfe spoke of her emigration from Nice to Los Angeles, saying: “There was no opportunity before me in the south of France. The circle was closed, compared to Los Angeles, although I found it difficult to make my mark here because of the stiff competition”.

Rebecca Rolfe estimated that the secret of success lies in social relations, with 50%, and in the content and method of promotion, with 30%. Talent, she believes, only represents 20%. “Talent alone is not enough,” she said.

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