Simo Benbachir Presents a New Program on “Hala” and his Followers Nicknamed him the Mario Lopez of the Arabs

Simo Benbachir, the Moroccan journalist and showbiz star who lives in the United States, is shining once again with a new show on the “Hala”, in which he presents news from Hollywood stars, both Arab and foreign, with a personal touch that sets him apart from other presenters and hosts.

Through his new show that resembles “Trending” or “Access Hollywood”, Simo allows his audience to get to know the news of several celebrities around the world, from which he chooses the most exciting and attractive ones. He also aims to bring Hollywood stars closer to the Arab audience, presenting their latest works, their personal news and the “Buzz” that comes with it.

Known for his Anglo-Saxon orientation, and for his mastery of English and French, Simo Benbachir has risen to the challenge by presenting his show in Arabic, impressing his fans with his impeccable pronunciation of the language, thus managing to live up to the expectations of the Arab audience, which has become faithful to the episodes of this program, accessible on the “Hala”, as well as on the famous website “Panet”.

Simo Benbachir, presents his new program in the manner of the American actor and presenter Mario Lopez, well known for “X Factor” in its American version, in addition to his participation in the presentation of the famous show “Access Hollywood”. Both have the same charisma, brilliance and elegance, so much so that some Simo fans have nicknamed him “the Mario Lopez of the Arabs”, knowing that the two hosts had already met at a party in California, where Lopez was born in October 1973.

This is the second show Simo is hosting on “Hala”, straight from Hollywood, where he currently resides, in addition to his program “The Arabs of America”, in which he hosts Arab stars who have succeeded in the United States of America and whose careers are worthy of being presented as “Success Stories”. Both programs enjoy great interest from the channel’s audience and followers, in addition to the followers of the famous Moroccan journalist on social networks.

Simo has already had many successful media experiences, including the “Nayda in Hollywood” program, in which he has hosted many successful Moroccans in various fields in America.

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