Brahim Rachiki: I Will Open a Dance School in Morocco

In the new episode of Nayda in Hollywood, the journalist Simo Benbachir has welcomed the Moroccan Brahim Rachiki, originally from Rabat but born in Belgium, before heading to Los Angeles to pursue his American dream and work alongside two pop icons: Madonna and Michael Jackson.

Rachiki’s debut in the world of choreography was facilitated by his older brother who taught him the fundamentals of dance, as he explained to Simo, adding that he danced “hip hop” in the street, before traveling, as part of his artistic travels, to countries such as Russia, Japan, the Netherlands and then the United States of America, where he arrived in 2005 after winning a plane ticket to Los Angeles, which he hasn’t left since.

“I’ve danced in a few music videos. Once, one of the directors liked my dancing and included me in his team. After that, I joined a big agency and started choreographing professionally,” he told Simo.

Regarding his collaboration with Madonna, Rachiki said that working with her was very satisfying. “She is said to be stern and, but I think she knows what she wants. She is also frank, she expresses her opinion openly. She is an excellent and talented dancer. She performs all the dance movements perfectly from the first moment she learned them. She has allowed me to put everything I learned on the street to the test. She liked my dancing and it is thanks to her that I have had many opportunities. »

As for Michael Jackson, Rachiki confirmed that working alongside him was an important experience that was of great benefit to him, as this artist pushed the dancers to give the best of themselves “While we think that it is impossible to give more, we realize that it is still possible to surpass ourselves and push our limits”.

In his interview with Simo, Rachiki also talked about his experience as an actor and his first role in Beirut by director Brad Anderson. “I was in Morocco when I went to the casting. At the time, I was working with director Amir Rawani on one of Saad Lamjarred’s music videos, when one of the team members advised me to send my photos for the casting of the film. I was accepted and started shooting in Tangier, before returning to the United States to try my luck in this field. »

Rachiki will have the opportunity to participate in Redemption Day by Moroccan director Hicham Hajji. He played the role of an Algerian archaeologist of French nationality. The release of this film in American cinemas is scheduled for March 2020.

As for his projects in Morocco, Rachiki confirmed that he aims to open a dance school in order to teach choreography to the young Moroccan generations.

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