Rabbi Pinto Gives a Religious Lecture in Paris

Last week, Moroccan Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto traveled to Paris, where he gave a lecture on the Torah to hundreds of his followers and disciples, living in Paris as well as in other French cities, in addition to those who flocked in from various countries around the world, in order to receive the Rabbi’s blessings and benefit from his lecture.

The Rabbi, who resides between Morocco and the United States, where he is receiving treatment, gave his lecture in the presence of Rabbi From Cosmere, a descendant of a prestigious family of Jewish rabbis, as well as Pinto, who is the grandson of the famous Rabbi Haim Pinto and Rabbi Abehassera.

In his lecture, Pinto spoke of faith which, at times, is beset by suspicion, obsession and anxiety, leading the individual to wander through many labyrinths. Thus, Pinto advised his disciples to get rid of the questioning that undermines the gentleness of faith. He also spoke of God’s greatness and the way in which he rewards his followers.

The Rabbi of Morocco, appointed president of the Rabbinical Court and founder of a “Yeshiva” (Jewish religious school) at the Beth-El Synagogue in Casablanca, later traveled to New York City, where he gave further lectures to his followers around the world.

Rabbi Pinto attended numerous marriage and birth ceremonies in the homes of Moroccan Jewish families, as well as meeting members of the Jewish community residing in Morocco, particularly in Rabat, Marrakesh and Essaouira, the stronghold of Moroccan Jews and the city with the largest Jewish community in Morocco. It is also the burial place of his grandfather, Rabbi Haïm Pinto, who was known as a miracle-worker and who enjoyed the respect of the Jewish and Muslim communities.

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