Ihattaren Insulted by Moroccans

By choosing to play for the Netherlands, PSV Eindhoven’s player was insulted by Moroccan supporters. Wounded, the player said it was a simple sporting choice, and reiterated his love for Morocco.

In an interview with Foxsport channel, PSV Eindhoven Moroccan-Dutch player Mohammed Ihattaren revealed that he was insulted by Moroccans at Eindhoven airport because of his choice to wear the Dutch colors instead of Morocco’s.

According to the December 14 edition of the daily Assabah, this clash occurred when Ihattaren was taking selfies with his fans, before being verbally assaulted and insulted in Arabic.

To understand the reasons for his compatriots’ anger, the player tried to talk to some of them, but they called him a “traitor”, telling him that his father, who had just died, would have been angry because of his choice to play for the Netherlands.

Ihattaren expressed his disappointment and anger at the accusations made against him, reaffirming all the love he has for his country of origin, Morocco. He also made it clear that playing for the Netherlands remains a simple sporting choice.

As a reminder, Mohammed Ihattaren was approached to wear the Atlas Lions colors, but after his father’s death he changed his mind completely. A choice he justified by the fact that Moroccan football officials tried to exploit this death to exert pressure on him.

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