New Details Regarding the Sudden Death of 2M Journalist Salaheddine El Ghomari

It is with great shock that Moroccans received the news of the death of 2M journalist Salaheddine El Ghomari. This was a major loss, especially given the position he held in their hearts and his role in raising awareness among citizens during the period of confinement.

According to sources close to the deceased, El Ghomari died while visiting his sister in Mohammedia.

The source adds that the ambulance arrived without oxygen, eliminating the chances of saving him from the health crisis that suddenly occurred to him.

Sources in El Ghomari’s family say that he had spent his day, as usual, in the 2M headquarters, and contacted his mother at around 5pm, saying that the only illness he suffered from was mild hypertension.

Several Moroccans expressed their sadness and sorrow on social networks, after ensuring the credibility of the news of the death of Salaheddine El Ghomari. Salaheddine El Ghomari infiltrated into people’ s homes and hearts by presenting the news on television, and also during the Coronavirus pandemic and the period of confinement. He did so by raising awareness and simplifying certain subjects of their daily lives using simple language that is understood by all social categories.

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