HRH Lalla Khadija: The Princess of Hearts

Although she appears only very rarely, HRH Princess Lalla Khadija occupies a special place in the hearts of Moroccans who love her innocence, her smile and her beauty. As a result, they are always on the lookout for her news and her appearances on television on official occasions.

She is the youngest child of His Majesty King Mohammed VI and the sister of HRH Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan. She was born on February 28, 2007 in Rabat. Her father chose the first name Khadija, in reference to the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad. The day of her birth was exceptional. The celebrations spread throughout the Kingdom. His Majesty pardoned many prisoners and generous gifts were given to the girls who were born on the same day, in accordance with the custom of the Alaoui Sultans, who thus expressed their joy and gratitude towards the god.

Like all children of the Royal Family, HRH Princess Lalla Khadija continues her studies at the Royal College. Her excellent academic results speak volumes about her application and intelligence. Thus, she received from the hands of her father His Majesty the King, a certificate of excellence.

HRH likes to play a few instruments and sing in different languages. She plays piano and guitar and she enjoys swimming, horseback riding and traveling. Her classmates call her “Lalla”, as previously confirmed by various Moroccan media outlets that have devoted special issues to the princess, including the weekly newspaper “Al-Ayyam” and “Femmes du Maroc” which, on the occasion of Women’s Day, titled its cover, against a background of a HRh photo: “Lalla Khadija… a look to the future”.

Despite her young age, which does not exceed 12 years, HRH Princess Lalla Khadija is distinguished by a strong and confident personality, who hides behind calm and gentle features. She respects protocol, despite its harshness, and plays her role as a princess to perfection. This was evident during her last appearance when she opened the African Reptile Pavilion at Rabat Zoo. This appearance was the subject of extensive media coverage. Thus, domestic and foreign media have made papers that fill with HRH praise for her first official outing without being accompanied by any other member of the royal family.

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