Assaad Bouab plays in “Messiah”, Netflix’s controversial series

A Moroccan actor appears in the cast of the already controversial Netflix series-event. In “Messiah”, which has just been released on 1 January, Assaad Bouab plays the character of a CIA agent, Qamar, alongside Michelle Monaghan…

The year is starting off a strong start for the Moroccan comedian, who was already shining on Netflix with the “Ten for One Hundred” series. While waiting the fourth season of this successful series, Assaad Bouab fans can find him in “Messiah”, an American thriller created by Michael Petroni, which proposes to play with the belief system, even if it means endangering the world order.

When CIA agent Eva Geller, camped out by Michelle Monaghan (Mission: Impossible, True Detective), discovers information about a man who is attracting international attention as a result of acts disturbing public order, she and her colleague, Agent Q, investigate his origins and the role attributed to Franco-Moroccan Assaad Bouab.

While the mysterious guru attracts the attention of Israeli intelligence, including a very convincing officer, namely Tomer Sisley, the Messiah begins his crusade in Washington. The question then arises: is he really a divine being or a mere swindler capable of undermining the world order?

The actor, who has just completed a very successful year, shone on the stage of the Théâtre du Soleil with Simon Abkarian’s play Electre des Bas Fonds. He is scheduled to join the same company for another play, “The Last Day of Fasting”, which will be staged at the Théâtre de Paris in April 2020.

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