Israeli President Thanks His Majesty the King

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin expressed his great pleasure at the opening of “Bayt Dakira” in Essaouira, a museum dedicated to Jewish culture and heritage in Morocco. Through a tweet on his official page, he sent a message of thanks to His Majesty King Mohammed VI, which was covered by many Israeli and Palestinian media and newspapers, in which he wrote: “With feelings of joy and exaltation, we followed the inauguration ceremonies of the Museum of Moroccan Jewish Heritage in the city of Essaouira, in the presence of His Majesty King Mohammed VI. On this occasion, we would like to express to Your Majesty the highest expressions of gratitude and appreciation for your interest in maintaining bonds of intimacy and coexistence with the members of the Jewish community, following the example of your father’s approach, as well as for your interest in promoting common life among Muslims, Christians and Jews. »

Last week, His Majesty King Mohammed VI inaugurated in Essaouira, the city that has seen the largest gathering of Moroccan Jews in centuries, “Bayt Dakira” (House of Memory), an establishment dedicated to Jewish heritage and culture in Morocco, at an official ceremony attended by his adviser André Azoulay, members of the Jewish community residing in Morocco and Moroccan Jewish artistic personalities, including the famous comedian Gad Al-Maleh.

Many members of the Jewish community residing in Morocco appreciated the royal approach to the restoration of Jewish museums and temples in many Moroccan cities, and the royal initiatives to rehabilitate Jewish memory, culture and identity, which the Moroccan constitution considers an important component of national culture.

Rivlin has been President of the State of Israel since 2014. He is a well-known lawyer and politician from the right-wing Likud party. He previously led the Knesset before winning the presidential elections on 10 June 2014, becoming Israel’s tenth president, succeeding Shimon Peres.

Morocco is considered one of the few Arab countries that still has a Jewish community, after the majority of the Jews who settled in these countries emigrated to Israel as well as to other countries in the world. It is also the only Arab country whose constitution recognizes the existence of the Jewish community. It is also the only Arab country that remains committed to the preservation of the memory, identity and heritage of the Jews who settled there for thousands of years, just as those who came from Andalusia, and who coexisted with the Arab and Amazigh communities, thus forming Morocco’s cultural wealth and diversity.

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