The Launch of the ” Moroccan Theater ” Shows

Last Saturday, MBC5 launched the first season of “Moroccan Theater” under the theme “An Endless Enjoyment”, with Abdallah Didan and a group of young talents. A play entitled “Sirkia” was presented at the opening of this event, on the stage of the Rialto cinema in the heart of Casablanca.

Khaled Didan, Hassan Fouta and Mariam El Idrisi co-wrote the play, while Hassan Hammouch, Amine Nassour and Hicham El Jabbari directed it. The roles are played by the actor Abdallah Didan along with a group of promising young talents.

Mazen Hayek, spokesperson for the MBC Group, underlined during the launch ceremony, the historical importance of the Rialto Theater of Casablanca, thus showing a real willingness on the part of MBC5 to revive the theatrical action, particularly through the event “Moroccan Theater” which opens wide perspectives for the benefit of a new generation of talents in the theatrical field, adding that “this initiative is an extension of our successful experience with Egyptian theater at the beginning and then Saudi theater later, in collaboration with producer Sadik Assabah and artist Ashraf Abdel-Baqi, under the supervision of Mohamed Abdel-Moutaal, director general of the channel.

For his part, artist Abdallah Didan expressed his joy at presenting the troupe’s new plays on MBC 5, adding, during the ceremony, that “all members of the troupe are making great efforts to prepare and present shows that various types of audiences will enjoy.”

Hicham Al-Jabbari, director and producer of “Moroccan Theater” said that the young talents were selected from among the laureates of the Higher Institute of Dramatic Art and Cultural Animation (ISADAC) and that rehearsals took place throughout four consecutive months before the premiere, adding that “there are many promising elements that will build on this experience to enter the field of theater, whether in Morocco or abroad”.

Al-Jabbari explained that the first season of this program includes 20 diverse and varied shows, indicating that this event has an adventurous character, particularly because many roles have been assigned to new faces, unknown to the Moroccan theater scene.

Mohamed Abdel Moutaal, Managing Director of MBC5, said: “Since its creation, the channel has strived to give the public and viewers in the Maghreb added artistic value by presenting a different model of family entertainment. In this context, “Moroccan Theater” constitutes one of the most important means adopted by the channel with the aim of relaunching permanent theater seasons with regular performances, while hoping that this will will lead to the forthcoming return of successful theater seasons”, continuing that “the “Moroccan Theater” event represents a real opportunity for the emergence of future stars, whether in the field of theater or cinema, as theater is the source that gives rise to various artistic expressions. We have many projects that will be presented according to our program plan, responding to the tastes and expectations of different viewers across the Maghreb countries”.

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