Ivanka Trump Appreciates Morocco’s Efforts to Empower Women

Ivanka Trump, daughter and adviser to US President Donald Trump, appreciated Morocco’s efforts in the area of women’s empowerment, including the introduction of important legislative and legal reforms that guarantee their rights and serve their interests as active individuals in society.

Ivanka Trump highlighted the economic benefits that Morocco and other Arab countries achieve through the empowerment of women, noting that this is likely to lead to development in many areas and generate positive results.

Ivanka Trump had previously welcomed, via a tweet, the new laws that Morocco had enacted in favor of “soulaliat” women, enabling them to reclaim and benefit from the land they had inherited, considering this a “revolutionary” step forward, before she traveled to Morocco, where she met with a number of these “soulaliat” women, exchanged views with them and became aware of their various concerns.

Speaking at the Global Women’s Forum 2020 in Dubai, Trump said the number of women compared to men in the U.S. labor market is high, noting that women have been able to access 70 percent of new jobs, but in the past have struggled to move beyond 25 percent of government jobs.

The adviser to the U.S. president, who leads the Global Development and Women’s Prosperity Initiative launched by the White House last year, praised efforts by other Arab countries to increase women’s empowerment. These include Bahrain, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia.

The initiative aims to reach 50 million women worldwide by 2025, and in just one year its positive impact has reached about 12 million women worldwide, according to Ivanka Trump.

The International Women’s Forum aims to build international partnerships that can consolidate women’s positive contribution to global development, while diversifying ways to increase their social and economic participation, particularly in the area of entrepreneurship.

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