The Fnaïre Group: A Continued Success

The Fnaïre group was born in Marrakech in 2001. Its name means “lanterns”. The public got to know it thanks to its numerous works and the festivals it participated in, notably the “Boulevard” which favored the emergence of various youth groups at the time, such as Hoba Hoba Spirit and H-Kayne, among other groups that have almost disappeared today, while Fnaïre has remained sparkling and capable of competing with new generations and innovative styles, thus maintaining its position at the forefront.

The band is made up of creative members who master both singing and writing and composing. They are Mohsen Tizaf, Khalifa Manani and Achraf Aarab, in addition to the band’s manager Amin Hannaoui.

At its beginnings, the group Fnaïre distinguished itself by its different style, called “traditional rap”, which consists in taking inspiration from different heritage tunes such as “Dakka marrakchia”, “Aissaoua”, “Reggada”, etc. This group also dealt with important social problems such as terrorism, underage marriage, prostitution, among other topics.

The first success of the group dates back to 2007, when it released its successful album “Yad El Hanna”, before experiencing other hits that qualified it to put itself on the same level as the great musical groups.

Fnaïre has also cooperated with many stars, including Raï singing star Cheb Bilal, with whom it collaborated on a song about the cordiality between the Algerian and Moroccan peoples. The group also collaborated with Samira Said for the song “Be Winner”, which won the Music Award for the Africa and Middle East region, in addition to its recent cooperation with Saad Lamjarad in a traditional song by Hamid Zahir, entitled “Assef Habibi”.

The group was received by His Majesty King Mohammed VI on the occasion of the Cop 22 held in Marrakech two years ago, where they performed the song “Al amir annadif” before HM and his guests among the world’s great leaders. Fnaïre was decorated by HM the King on the occasion of his 50th birthday.

Fnaïre has many hit songs such as “Hdi Rassek”, “Siri Siri”, “Nkoul Mali”, “Achayeb”, “Achaka Mallala”, “Ich Ki Bghiti”, etc. that the public hums during concerts and festivals.

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