Women in the Military: A New Mark in the History of Moroccan Military Service

It is in elegant military dress and calculated movements that the military women line up in orderly rows to begin a new day of training at the Social Services Training Center (CISS) of the Royal Armed Forces in Témara, with the ambition of preparing for their careers as military social workers.

Women officers and non-commissioned officers, driven by a devouring passion to join the military institution, which celebrates, like other national institutions, World Women’s Day, in order to contribute to widening the circle of women’s participation in society.

Thus, it is a new mark made by these women in the history of military service, bearing arms and devotion to defend their nation and the national flag, with as much courage as men, putting an end to a stereotype in which the representation of women in society is associated with gentleness, kindness and sensitivity, and in return proving their ability to assume military responsibility.

According to Lieutenant Oumnia Moktassid, the missions of the military social worker are diverse, noting that they include participation in a series of operations, including the deployment of field hospitals to provide the necessary assistance to the inhabitants of remote areas, through orientation and awareness-raising activities, the identification of needs and operations, without neglecting the organization and facilitation of the transit operation for Moroccans residing abroad. Their missions are not limited to these tasks,” he said. Social workers also intervene in the event of natural disasters by helping to identify the injured and determining the nature of assistance, as well as supporting the elderly, orphans, pregnant women and people with special needs.

Women also play important roles in the field of military social service, assuming multiple responsibilities within the Royal Armed Forces in various specializations, Ms. Moktassid noted.

For her part, Officer Zineb El Ghazi, noted that women have become more present in the field of military action, especially in the social services of the Royal Armed Forces.

The tasks of the social services vary, said Ms. El Ghazi, explaining that they can range from the signing of comprehensive medical and social assistance agreements, the establishment of a system of assistance and support focused on providing financial assistance to the military, or the granting of social, real estate or other loans.

These different services make social assistance a major task requiring collective commitment and coordination among all female military elements, Zineb said.

The officer hopes that the achievement of these goals will be an additional motivation for the continuation of military and theoretical training under the guidance of eminent university professors.

Between physical activities, sports and military training … from the art of martial simulation, to that of carrying weapons, women military spend their day to complete their training crowned after four years of military and university supervision for women officers and three years for non-commissioned officers with a diploma of specialized military studies.

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