Simo Benbachir on a New Experience with Panet and the Channel Hala

Journalist Simo Benbachir has entered an interesting new media experience with the famous Panet site and the Hala channel, where he has launched a new program as a reporter in Los Angeles, where he lives. In the first episode of this program, he welcomed the Moroccan designer Hicham Benmbarek, and the American actress Catherine Lang, heroine of the series “The Bold and the Beautiful” who was discovered by the public in the role of Brooke. The two guests of Simo Benbachir opened a clothing store in Los Angeles called “Benheart”.

The Moroccan-born designer said in his interview with Simo Benbachir that he is very happy, as an Arab living in the United States, to open his shop in the capital of stars and artists, in collaboration with an international actress of the same caliber as Catherine. “I had the honor of representing my country and Arabs in general, knowing that I am a well-known designer in Italy and have won many awards there, just as I am known for designing leather clothes and shoes.”

On the occasion of the inauguration, Simo Benbachir met the Moroccan-Arab designer Hicham Benslimane, who also owns a fashion store in Los Angeles, in addition to a store in Paris. He told Panet that he is very happy to attend this event, especially since Catherine is his friend and Hicham Benbembarek is his compatriot, confirming the possibility of cooperation between the “Royals” brand he owns and Catherine’s shop, which will be a key star representing the Moroccan brand in the future.

For her part, Catherine told Simo Benbachir about her long experience in the series “The Bold and the Beautiful”, which Moroccans know as “Top models”, a series in which she has been active for almost 33 years in the role of Brock, considering that this series has opened the way to many great opportunities, adding that “it is a very long period. But I’m very happy about it”.

And in response to a question from Simo Benbachir about the events of the upcoming series, Catherine said: “I will be more present in the life of my daughter and granddaughter. There are many exciting events in the future, but I can’t reveal them. All I can tell viewers is that there will be many crazy events. ».

As for the new store she opened with Benembarek, Catherine told Simo Benbachir how happy she is with the opening of the first Benheart brand store in Los Angeles, especially since Benembarek is known for his beautiful creations that she has known and worn for a long time, as they are handmade and sometimes in limited quantities, they are of high quality and affordable prices. This is why she decided to partner with him to open her store in Beverly Hills and make her dream come true.

About her relationship with fashion, Catherine told Simo Benbachir: “I was fascinated by fashion from a young age. My mother owned a clothing store, so I grew up in a field that I know a lot about. »

As for her favorite outfits, Catherine confirmed that her taste is a mix of styles; she likes to wear shirts and jeans as well as caftans and leather jackets, in addition to red carpet dresses and simple summer dresses as well as classic clothes. ” I wear outfits depending on the occasion I’m invited,” she told Simo Benbachir.

Speaking of her advice to young designers looking to succeed in Hollywood, Catherine says, “If you have a passion and a dream, you have to work hard and diligently to make that dream come true. If you fight for your dreams, no one can stop you. »

During this new program, Simo Benbachir interviewed actress Ashley Jones, who plays the role of Brigitte in the same series. She promised viewers more drama and excitement, even though her role is over and she hopes to return in future episodes.

Speaking about the opening of the new store, she said, “I’m very excited tonight because my dear friend is opening her first store in Los Angeles. I hope that everyone will come and see these wonderful leather products. Everything from wallets and shoes to leather jackets is fantastic.

For his part, Dominic Zueda, the artistic director of the Benheart brand emphasized that the concept of the brand is summed up in the expression of love, passion and fashion.

At the end of the episode, Simo Benbachir concluded with a message from designer Hicham Benembarek, in which he said: “We are honored to be the best ambassadors and representatives of our countries. I dream of reaching a high rank, and I hope my compatriots will do the same. »

Catherine concluded her exchange with Simo Benbachir by saying: “I look forward to visiting the Arab world. I think it is magical. I love its fashion and elegance, just as I love its culture and I consider that a very important thing. We all need to unite and create harmony and feelings of love that comes from the heart.

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