Covid-19: The Launch of a 100% Moroccan-Made Respirator

The Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) of Benguérir contributed to the development and design of a 100% Moroccan artificial respirator for patients suffering from the new Coronavirus (Covid-19), as well as a device for measuring body temperature. 

These two inventions are due to the joint efforts of several Moroccan experts from UM6P, the Ministry of Industry, the Moroccan Aerospace Industries Grouping (GIMAS), and the National Institute of Post and Telecommunications (INPT), the Moroccan Center for Science, Innovation and Research (MASCIR), the National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency, the Electronic Innovation Pole and the Aviarail-PILLIOTY-SERMP, for the design and development of the prototype of these two devices.

This artificial respirator operates continuously, with an energy autonomy of 3,000 hours, and can therefore be operational even in very isolated rural areas, operating with electricity from the national grid or with ordinary batteries.

For its part, the temperature measuring device can be used at the entrance to establishments and administrations to detect possible cases of Covid-19 contamination.

In a statement to MAP, Hafid Griguer, a researcher at UM6P, and a member of the technical team that contributed to the success of this project, explained that some 20 Moroccan industrialists and engineers worked together for two weeks to develop and design the prototype respirator.

This researcher said that the uniqueness of this device lies essentially in the use of raw materials and parts fully available in Morocco, without the need for import, and its ability to operate in all circumstances.

For Hafid Griguer, the UM6P research team to which he belongs “will work to complete the equipment related to the prototypes of these two inventions”, in partnership with the Ministries of Industry and Health, in order to make these two devices available to the health system to contribute to the treatment of patients infected by Covid-19.

The development of these two products, 100% designed by Moroccan teams, will strengthen the equipment and medical means mobilized by the Kingdom in the fight against this pandemic, in accordance with the High Royal Instructions.

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