Coronavirus. A Doctor Tested Positive: A Combat Action and Medical Evacuation at the Sidi Lahcen Hospital in Témara

On Saturday, April 4, at the Sidi Lahcen hospital in Témara, the only public health establishment in this city in the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra region. The mobilization of all, medical corps and administrative staff, is at its peak, because of an evacuation operation of all, including the patients who were inside this hospital, we learn from a reliable source.

This action began with the report of a positive case at Covid-19 among the doctors treating patients at the hospital. The priority was to protect the medical staff, administrative staff and patients, and then to ensure that none of them carried the Coronavirus.

As a result, tests were carried out and it turned out that no one else tested positive for Covid-19.

All the doctors, nurses, orderlies and members of the administration, some 20 people, were taken to a hotel in Témara, the rooms of which had been made available to them by a citizen of Témara.

As for the patients who were being treated in this hospital in Témara, they were transferred to the Ibn Sina University Hospital Center (CHU) in Rabat.

A total of 55 people were evacuated from the hospital. This operation was conducted under the supervision of the Governor of Témara himself. 

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