Salim Sheikh: The Man of Media and Publicity

Salim Sheikh entered the media world through advertising and marketing with a view to giving 2M, at the head of which he was appointed on June 24, 2008 to succeed Mostafa Benali, a new boost to save it from the financial crisis that threatened to plunge it into bankruptcy.

Salim Cheikh was born in 1972 in Rabat and completed his secondary education at the Moulay Youssef high school, which the Moroccan elite passed through. After obtaining his baccalaureate in 1990, he joined the Higher Institute of Commerce and Business Administration, where he obtained a diploma in communication and marketing in 1994.

Salim Cheikh started his career with the French company “Bell”, before joining the SNRT in 2006 and was later appointed as the Managing Director of 2M, an appointment that provoked much controversy given that he was not known in this field and did not have the media experience to qualify him to effectively assume such a sensitive position.

Salim Cheikh, who is a film and music enthusiast, along with Samira Sitaïl, the Iron Lady and News Director at 2M, and Faiçal Laraïchi, PDF of the SNRT, formed a pressure group that monopolized the management of the public media sector, and whose influence was so strong that the media dubbed it “the Francophone lobby”, a trio that has established the dominance of the French language and culture within the Moroccan audiovisual landscape and that has opposed, hand in hand, the orientations of the Islamist government led by Abdelilah Benkirane, accusing the PJD of attempting to Islamize Moroccan television.

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