Nabil Ghandi: The Exceptional Moroccan Photographer

Nabil Ghandi is an Awards-Winning photographer, with several international distinctions.

Since his early childhood, he has always been fascinated with anthropology and human sciences, and he travelled for many years in Asia, where he got initiated in energetic medicine and therapeutic work.

Through his artistic approach, he shares this perception of an ever-evolving and benevolent world, its esthetical universality, and its natural dynamics that always push us to renew and expand our perception and points of vue.

“ When we are able to put aside all the notions that are inherent to morals and value judgment and we can get rid of our conditionings, certainties and preconceived ideas, when looking upon things as if they were never contemplated before, virgin and free from all definitions or human interpretations, then the reality appears as it is: already perfect and magnificently beautiful “

His artworks have been showcased in various exhibitions around the world, in New York at the Broadway Gallery, in Bologna, at Galeria De Marchi, in Vienna at the Museum Of Young Arts, in Singapore and Delhi for the Emaho Exhibition, in Dubai for the Emerging Artists Awards Foundation and in Casablanca.

Nabil Ghandi’s photography have also been published in various art books, such as International Masters of Photography and Contemporary Art of Excellence, and in other medias, magazines and newspapers worldwide.

In 2015, he got shortlisted among the Top 100 Masters Photographers in the USA, and

the year before, he was awarded with the Trevisan International Art Award in Italy. In 2011, he received the Prize Emaho in Singapore.

He specializes in anthropology, travel photography and visual story telling.

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