Gad Elmaleh Has Been Infected with Coronavirus

The famous Franco-Moroccan comedian, Gad Elmaleh was infected with Coronavirus. This is what “Public” magazine reported on Thursday.

“Struck by Covid-19, the comedian’s life turned into a nightmare,” reports the magazine “Public” in its issue dated May 7.

“It took ten days. Ten days of fever, coughing, aches and pains, but above all anxiety,” the magazine explains.

“Gad Elmaleh was desperately on his own in order to cope with the Coronavirus that had reached him when he thought he was safe in his chic Parisian apartment,” continues “Public”.

Today, “after a two-day hospital stay”, Elmaleh, who has not yet revealed his health problems, “remains overwhelmed by a terrible exhaustion that he can’t get rid of”.

Being away from his children would certainly not have helped.

His 19-year-old son Noé has moved to Los Angeles, where he is attending part of his schooling, while 5-year-old Raphael “is learning to read, count and write without him” at the Château de Marchais, in the north of France, where he is confined with his mother Charlotte Casiraghi.

“It’s a real deprivation, in addition to the physical challenge he has to overcome,” adds “Public”.

Gad Elmaleh seems to be doing well according to a tweet he made on May 5, 2020.

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