Jewish Artist: David Nissen the Magician

On the set of his film “Angels” with Kolectiv Provoke, David Nissen made a number of photographs of the angelic girls in the ruined factory that inspired a highly charged and aesthetic imagination.

In addition to being an image director on full-length films and for advertising, David Nissen is a great and passionate photographer. These two arts reflect and complement each other, since both are about writing a story with light. Moreover, sometimes the requirement of the still image is greater since sound aids cannot be added to it.

Here the space is regenerated by the presence of the sylphs in it. David Nissen without any tricks – even with paradoxically plunging angles – gives an airy aspect to his images. They seem to fly away and are ready to leave the world below.

The enchantment passes through a universe that does not seem to be in harmony with it. And the visual poetry is even more intense. It is reminiscent of Andrei Tarkovsky’s work as a photographer’s model. Like him he is eager for the image of a status that is as poetic as it is raw. It is a question of underlining the special character of the child dancers who seem free within the carnal envelope of the isolated and abandoned factory.

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