Will Moroccan Bars Reopen on June 13? A Source Answers

Several rumors have been circulating recently claiming that bars will reopen on 13 June in Morocco, but with restrictions.

In this regard, a source told Le Site info that the owners have not yet had any confirmation on this subject, assuring that nothing is official yet. “We have no official information about when the bars will reopen. The officials we have contacted have not confirmed anything. The rumours that are currently circulating are false,” our source said.

Will wearing a mask become a necessary and unavoidable part of everyday dress, as it is the case in some countries? We have to wait and see!

Meanwhile, an employee at a bar in Rabat said his manager has told him that the reopening is scheduled to take place in the next few days, stressing that all employees must undergo the Covid-19 tests before resuming their activity.

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