Repatriation of the 2nd Group of Moroccans Stranded in Spain

300 Moroccans stranded in Spain will be repatriated on Friday from Madrid to Tetouan. According to a source of Le Site info, three planes of the RAM have been called for this operation, specifying that this is the 2nd group of repatriated Moroccans .

Around 310 Moroccans, including 10 babies, stranded in Spain were repatriated last Wednesday on board three flights from the Andalusia region.

These repatriation operations, which concerned three consular districts, namely Algeciras, Seville and Almeria, have particularly served people in poor health, elderly people and those who no longer have any means of living.

Immediately after their arrival in Tetouan, these citizens were tested for the new Coronavirus (Covid-19), in strict compliance with the health regulations currently used, and they are now confined to hotels in the M’diq region for a period of nine days, while receiving the necessary medical support.

In total, more than 900 individuals will be repatriated, thus accelerating the pace of repatriation operations, which will soon be extended to other regions and countries.

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