Rabbi Pinto Advises against Traveling during a Pandemic

The Moroccan Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto stressed that travelling during pandemic periods is inappropriate, and he recommended avoiding traveling altogether.

When asked by one of his followers in an interview on YouTube about the possibility of traveling to another country, Rabbi Pinto said that he advised everyone to stay in their countries and at home to avoid dangers and unforeseen problems, pointing out that in such circumstances this type of behavior has been recommended and practiced, generation after generation, since the time of the Prophet Moses.

The President of the Rabbinical Court of Casablanca denied having issued a fatwa authorizing immigration to Israel during this pandemic, adding that it has become easy to attribute false statements to him. Fortunately, his opinions and ideas are known and documented by many media outlets, and he continued: “One should not escape from one place to another or change countries, whether during epidemics, war or difficult times”. “We do not recommend escape; and when ALLAH tests us, we must stay in the same place where our family and livelihood resources are, as moving can be dangerous for us as well as for our loved ones”.

He concluded by saying, “We must be intelligent and cautious at the same time, just as we must stay put to avoid the unexpected”.

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