Deconfinement: All Moroccan Cities Are in Zone 1, with the Exception of these Cities

A joint statement by the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Health has just announced a new update of the classification of prefectures and provinces.

Therefore, all prefectures and provinces will move to zone 1 as of midnight on 24 June, with the exception of Tangier-Assilah, Marrakech, Larache and Kenitra.

In addition, the press release announces the transition to the second phase of the deconfinement plan. Taking into account the development of the epidemiological situation in the Kingdom.

“These decisions are based on the results of the daily monitoring of the implementation of the first phase of the ‘health containment relief plan’ and after the monitoring and supervision committees have carried out a thorough evaluation of the measures to be implemented and the health conditions and criteria that must be met”, explains the press release.

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