The Red Thread: The Amulet of Blessing

Moroccan Jews often wear a red thread around their left arm to prevent evil and chase away evil eye and bad luck. This is a habit that has been passed on to Muslims, who also began to wear it as a bracelet in the same way as Jews all over the world, especially the followers of the “Kabbalah”.

This Jewish amulet has now become a tradition passed down from generation to generation, and is very popular among many celebrities around the world. Among them, British football star David Beckham, American “pop” star Madonna, American actor Leonardo DiCaprio, actress Demi Moore, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

The red thread is associated with Kabbalah, the mystical doctrine of Judaism linked to spiritual transcendence, which sometimes even includes magic and miracles. The followers of Kabbalah assume that man is surrounded by many evil powers that he must overcome them by various means, one of which is to put a red thread on the left handle.

When one wants to wear the red thread, one does not do it oneself; one entrusts it to a person whose love one is absolutely certain of, to do it. Then this particular individual ties it in several knots up to seven, reciting prayers and making vows. This is the thread of the “Baraka” as Moroccan Jews call it, because it often comes from blessed places such as the shrines of the saints where it was blessed to purify it from misfortune, jealousy, etc.

No one knows the origin of this practice, nor how it was spread among the Jews, but everyone agrees that it is based on the rituals of the Kabbalah, that esoteric tradition of Judaism, which is so complex that no one can pinpoint it, even among the Jewish rabbis themselves. According to this tradition, colors are believed to be associated with energies. The color red is associated with danger, which is why it was chosen to protect against the danger of negative energy and the evil eye.

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