Rabbi Pinto Returns to His Followers Via a Live Feed

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto has once again appeared for his students and followers among Jews around the world, notably to reassure them about his health state, and to give them some lessons, advices and blessings, via a live stream on his pages on Facebook and Instagram.

The video has been the subject of many “likes”, “shares” and comments through which the fans have expressed their joy about the return of Rabbi Pinto, who presides over the Rabbinical Court of Casablanca. Many have wished him good health, especially among Moroccan Jews who like to receive him in their homes to receive his blessing or to attend the lessons he gave at the Beth-El synagogue before the state of health emergency.

Rabbi Pinto, the grandson of Moroccan Rabbi Haïm Pinto, who is buried in Essaouira, arrived a few days ago in Casablanca, after a period of recuperation in Marrakech, where he underwent several medical examinations in one of the city’s clinics, after having had a bacterial infection during a visit to Meknes.

Rumors had been circulating about the rabbi’s infection with Covid-19, but tests have shown that he is not infected with the virus, which has reassured his followers around the world, who are closely following all the news related to his health, especially after his recent fainting after a Jewish circumcision ceremony.

Rabbi Pinto, who is only 47 years old, has been suffering for years from cancer, forcing him to travel regularly to the United States for treatment. Unfortunately, the spread of the Coronavirus and the closure of borders has prevented him from travelling to New York, where his hospital and his organization “Shuva Israel” are located.

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