The City of Tangier Will Open a New Wholesale Market

In the age of the Coronavirus, health precautions are the most important. The Tangier region, which has been hit hard by the spread of Covid-19, is waiting for the completion of one of the major projects of the Tangier-Metropolis program.

The new wholesale fruit and vegetable market should be inaugurated before the end of the year, according to our colleagues in L’Economiste, who report the information on Monday, August 3. This new market, which is located on the south of Tangier, will cover an area of 11 hectares, including 13,500 m2 dedicated to the 34 sales areas. The same applies to the space dedicated to handling empty crates.

The wholesale market, which is currently 80% complete, will also have 1,200 m2 for two refrigeration units, as well as related equipment such as the administration of the premises and the cafeteria.

An investment of MAD 120 million has been set aside for this project, which is being carried out jointly by the Tangier City Hall and the Agency for Promotion and Development of the North, APDN. This budget allocation will notably enable fruit and vegetable traders to operate in better sanitary conditions.

The daily Aujourd’hui le Maroc also reports on this subject and explains that this market will replace the previous one: “It is intended to replace the current wholesale market, located in one of the most crowded districts of the Béni Makada district.”

The Town Hall has just approved the documents relating to the internal regulations and the awarding of services linked to the market, in particular the handling of empty crates and the management of the cafeteria.

“With the wholesale market, a significant part of the city’s local facilities will be relocated on the outskirts. This is the case for the new slaughterhouses, the wholesale fish market, the bus station, etc. This will make it possible to make the activity more fluid and reduce the pressure on the city,” notes L’Economiste.

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