Covid-19 : Algeria records a new rise in contaminations

Coronavirus contaminations in Algeria are continuing their daily upward trend that began a few days ago. The latest assessment, presented this Thursday, November 5, by the Pandemic Monitoring Committee of the Ministry of Health, reports 642 new cases of contamination, 94 more than the day before.

The upward trend in coronavirus figures was again confirmed in Algeria with the registration of 642 new positive cases. The country is getting closer and closer to the daily record of contamination recorded on 24 July (675 cases in 24 hours).

Thus, with these new contaminations recorded in the last 24 hours, Algeria has passed the 60,000 contamination mark recorded since the start of the pandemic in Algeria, at the end of February. Since this Thursday, the official count has risen to 60,169.

In addition, the spokesman of the scientific committee Djamel Fourar said that the number of deaths has also increased. The virus has indeed killed twelve new patients in the last 24 hours in Algeria. This brings the total number of deaths linked to the coronavirus pandemic in Algeria to 2,011. The same report also mentions 53 patients hospitalised in intensive care. While the number of new recoveries has been established at 243. The total number of people cured thus rises to 41,304.

This new assessment by the Coronavirus Pandemic Monitoring Committee shows the continuous recrudescence of Covid-19 in Algeria. Specialists are sounding the alarm about a possible 2nd wave of the pandemic in the country. They insist on the need to maintain preventive measures, such as the wearing of masks, physical distancing, regular hand washing and stopping hugging.

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