New Start for the Channel “Sky News Arabia”

The “Sky News Arabia” channel has embarked on a new adventure by launching multiple programs marked by creativity and a new style. This will be accomplished through inviting famous personalities from the field of journalism as well as through the use of new techniques that bring together digital and traditional journalism. The channel aims to expand its viewer base with a view to giving them the opportunity to follow the latest trends and events taking place around the world.

“Sky News Arabia” announced its relaunch through a live broadcast on its Facebook page, revealing 10 new political, social and cultural programs. It also announced the two new journalists who will join the Emirati channel: Nadim Koteich and Gisele Khoury. Gisele will present a new weekly show called “With Gisele”, where she hosts an elite group of Arab leaders. Meanwhile, Nadim will present a sarcastic political show called “Evening with Nadim”, where he discusses Arab news from different angles.

The channel’s new launch includes weekly programs that cover what’s happening in Arab and global capitals along with the most important issues that occupy the backstage of politicians and citizens. For this purpose, Omar Abdel Hamid presents the program “From Cairo”, while Joe Tabet presents the program “From Washington”. The program talks about events and internal issues in the United States in a clear way, and discusses its dimensions and impacts on the world and the region. As for the program “From Riyadh”, it will experience is a new beginning through the presentation of a new diversified content by Hamad Al Mahmoud where he talks about events in the region and the political, social and cultural field and analyzes its impact on the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council through the invitation of an elite of experts and analysts.

The Arab Maghreb countries will have a large part of the newsletter and a special program to discuss business, which will be broadcast daily and presented by Sami Kasmi and Imane Lahrach. Fadila Souissi will present her new program “The Difficult Question” which will focus on controversial social, cultural, artistic or even sports personalities.

The new launch of the channel also includes the broadcasting of the programs on its digital platforms and on television simultaneously, so that viewers can give their opinions. In particular, viewers will have the opportunity to express their thoughts on the program “Debate Tag”, which, as its name indicates, discusses controversial issues in the Arab world through different perspectives and opinions. The program “Hiwar Plus” briefly tackles the most important issues on the Arab and world scene and also allows viewers to give their opinions, as well as the program “On stream” which is considered the first news program through twitter.

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