In Israel, shortage of chicken expected during the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashana

Chicken shortage expected during the Jewish festival of Rosh Hashana
 “It is a deadly blow to the preparations for the festival”, warn the slaughterhouses. “Work will stop and there will be no chickens for the holidays.”

A shortage of chicken is expected to affect Israeli buyers during the upcoming high holiday season due to an ongoing labour dispute by veterinarians, who plan to strike from Monday, ynet said.

Without supervision, there will be no slaughter for the prevention of cruelty to animals. A shortage of locally slaughtered beef is also expected.

“It’s a mortal blow to the preparations for the celebrations,” warned the slaughterhouses, according to ynet.

The labour dispute was declared after the Veterinary Inspection Society began operations on March 3, resulting in a change in the terms and conditions of employment for workers.

<< The committee and the union of Histadrout are working to improve the conditions of employment of employees, their terms and conditions of employment and the retirement agreement, in accordance with the policy document concerning the conditions of employment of employees in the Veterinary Inspection Corporation, as well as to resolve the salary problems claimed by the employees,” the union wrote.

According to the Histadrut union, attempts to work on employment conditions began in September 2019 and the union had tried to work with the company to agree on suitable employment conditions, but the company had failed to work with them and had even taken unilateral action. and had had a negative impact on workers’ rights, ynet reported.

The measures taken by the company include the reduction of veterinarians’ salaries, arbitrary determination of employee seniority, payment of salaries to new employees contrary to the pay scale presented to them at the time of hiring, lack of clear procedures regarding holiday and sick days, and arbitrary determination of salary increases.

<< We are committed to the avoidance of cruelty to animals and therefore the chief doctors of the plants are obliged to take the necessary measures to prevent a state of cruelty to animals. Our strength lies in our unity, and it is time to put our house in order and put an end to our prejudice. Good luck to all of us,” wrote the Histadrut union, according to ynet.

The Veterinary Inspection Society has told ynet that it “is diligent in resolving the various allegations and will ensure that it continues to provide supervisory services and will take all necessary steps to do so in order to maintain a normal work routine”.

Product shortages have hit Israel over the past year for a variety of reasons, including a shortage of eggs and a shortage of butter that affected the country earlier this year.

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