Jewish artist: Alejandra Okret the demanding one

Alejandra Okret was born in 1966 in Montevideo before moving to Milan for art studies and Jerusalem for art history. Since then she has often sailed between Milan and Jerusalem. Jerusalem has become her city: she often exhibits there and was awarded the Shoshanna Ish-Shalom Prize for artistic creation in 2007.

A perfect example of a woman from the diaspora, the artist has imposed a demanding and committed work in the culture of the Book, which she opens up to visual dimensions that are always original and that challenge the reading of the world.

For her to erase man from her drawings in favour of what surrounds him is to refuse to deny the absolute where certain “spectres” set our memory in motion so that we can become more alive by discovering all the ambiguity of the horizons of the exiles within the very heart of reality.

What such an artist shows is never quiet shells where the nerves come to dream and where the conflicts they ignite break down. Each work is no longer the mirror in which Narcissus comes to contemplate himself.

Never renouncing the power of simplicity and ceremonial Alejandra Okret does not aim at the concrete for the concrete’s sake, but seeks the hidden life, the one that could spring up from everywhere and that would allow itself a kind of visual transgression by reference to transcendence.

As a result, it is a question for the artist of discovering a breakthrough, an opening. However, it is not advisable to erase the massiveness of the concrete that hinders the perception of the gush.

Such a work can only tapping into the question of “who I am” since an intimate wisdom oozes out of things not discharged from the weight of life but to push them to the point where beings generally forget to think about them. It is from now on from the paradoxical visions “ en loques ” that we must look at ourselves and meditate. The work is in this respect of a rare requirement.

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