Covid-19/Morocco: An Expert Reveals Frightening Expected Numbers of Coronavirus Deaths in the Coming Months

Dr. Al-Tayeb Hamdi, who is a medical researcher in health policy and regulation, says the worst is yet to come. He expects that the number of deaths due to Coronavirus in Morocco will reach 1,800 cases this month, 4,500 cases next month and 8,000 cases in January 2021.

The health expert added in a frightening study: “The February figures will also be deadly, and only the availability of a safe and effective vaccine will reduce the numbers. This is very unlikely for us in Morocco at this time, otherwise the figures will unfortunately be similar to those in January”.

The danger, according to my acid, lies in the fact that these frightening death figures are only estimates and may be much higher for the worst.

He said: “The death toll may be much higher than these figures, and certainly it could be much lower, if we act seriously, quickly, very quickly and starting from today”.

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