Simo Benbachir Hosts the Cameroonian Model Pierre Abena

Simo Benbachir welcomed the Cameroonian model based in Los Angeles, Pierre Abena, in the first episode of his new show “Live from Hollywood”. The show was aired on Friday on a French channel as well as several other African channels.

Abena talked about his debut in fashion shows. He told Simo that he started in France and then decided to emigrate to the United States 7 years ago. He first collaborated with unknown brands owned by his friends and relatives, then he signed a contract with an agency and started his work with French brands. Pierre says: “Once I arrived in the United States, I signed contracts with international agencies and my American dream began to come true. This is not easy for a Frenchman of African descent”.

Pierre also talked about his participation in the reality TV show “Secret Story” in 2016, which he considers a successful experience. Thanks to it, he has become famous in France and in Africa, especially in his country of origin, Cameroon. He says that this experience was unique, that it changed his vision of things and his way of reacting.

In response to Simo’s question about the differences between France and America in the field of fashion shows, Abena explained that he was less fortunate in France, where the standards of models are totally different from the United States. According to Pierre, Americans are more flexible, since they lean a little more towards body curves and racial diversity, contrary to France where the model with white skin has more opportunities.

Regarding the competition in America, Abena said that he was not afraid of it, that it motivated him to achieve more success and achievement. He affirmed that each person working in this field is in line with beauty standards, and that the difference lies in personality. For this reason, Pierre tries to keep his simplicity and modesty, while preserving his values.

Abena also talked about her participation in a film directed by international star Queen Latifah. It was his first experience in this field, a dream come true for him. He confided to Simo that “cinema is the next step in my career, but it’s a world that is always strange to me, especially because I don’t smoke, drink, take drugs and I don’t stay up late! But I’m still going to try this field, it’s a new challenge for me, that’s why I’m working on my American accent”.

For his next projects, Abena said that he is preparing a TV show about sports and healthy food, and working simultaneously on his new brand of make-up and beauty products. He concluded by inviting anyone with a dream to hold on to it, work hard to make it come true by taking opportunities, working hard and tirelessly, and having the courage to move forward.

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