Tariq Al Menhali Releases “Nidae Al Hassan”

The Emirati singer Tariq Al Menhali has released a new artistic project. It is a remix of the song “Nidae Al Hassan”, through which he tried to revive the legacy of the Green March. The Green March is one of the greatest feats in the history of the Moroccan kingdom, whose anniversary was commemorated a few days ago.

Tariq Al Menhali, a great fan of Morocco, has dressed the song with a new spirit and added to it his exceptional touch. It was distributed by Hatim Mansour, under the direction of Fady Sari.

Al Menhali, known as “the voice of authenticity”, is an outstanding artist of heritage songs. He has participated in several forums and ceremonies celebrating the Moroccan Sahara, such as the Tantan festival, where he sang “Tantan Ya Dar Al Kiram” (Tantan, home of the generous) as a gift to the inhabitants.

He released his latest project on this important national holiday for Morocco, its King and its people, simultaneously with the inauguration of the Emirati Consulate in Laayoun, one of the largest cities in the Moroccan Sahara. This reflects the Emirate’s support and support for the Kingdom of Morocco and its Sahara.

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