Moncef Slaoui Talks Again about the Date of Return to Normal Life

Moroccan scientist Moncef Slaoui, head of the U.S. team developing the Coronavirus vaccine, said that life will return to normal in the United States in May 2021.

He explained in an interview with Radio Canada that the approval of the first vaccine by the relevant authorities means that vaccination of Americans will begin as early as mid-December.

He added that if the pandemic vaccination plan is well organized, it will allow to vaccinate a sufficient number of Americans by next May, and thus the return of life to its norm.

Members of the FDA’s Vaccines and Biologicals Advisory Committee are scheduled to meet on December 10 to discuss the urgent approval of the two U.S. vaccines Pfizer and Biontech.

U.S. health authorities plan to vaccinate 20 million people in December and then 30 million people per month. Priority will be given to healthcare workers and the elderly.

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